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Food Product Icon That Relate to the Actual Peoples Who invented Food

There’s more to the name, other than delicious food.

Captain Morgan

The symbol behind this well-known rum is the famous welsh sailor Sir Henry Morgan. He was famous for his role in defending the British by snatching Spanish vessels and cities. He went too far when a peace treaty was concluded with Spain and was put in prison. When he was released, as a knight, he was appointed Lieutenant-Governor for Jamaica. Below are 13 food items that were created through accident. Consider visiting Mahogany Smoked Meats if you’re interested in purchasing high-quality meat products.

Jimmy Dean

Before he entered the sausage business, Jimmy Dean was a famous actor, TV star and country music artist. In 1969, he along with his brother established their own business, called the Jimmy Dean Sausage Company. The company was eventually sold however, he continued to appear in their commercials throughout the years.

Mrs. Fields

This delightful range of baked goods is named for Debbie Fields. Her husband and she, Randall, opened a bakery in 1977. The cookies were a huge success along with the Mrs. Fields decided to franchise and later sell her business but remained the brand’s spokesperson. Here’s how the eight most famous fast food restaurants earned their names.

Oscar Mayer

German immigrants, Oscar Mayer, opened a butcher shop in Chicago with his son in Chicago that quickly gained acclaim. They were among the first companies to meet the USDA’s meat inspection standards and as a result it grew significantly.


Dave Thomas opened the first ever Wendy’s in 1969. He named the restaurant after his daughter Melinda Lou. When she was a child she was struggling to pronounce her name, and would often say “Wenda” instead of Melinda. The nickname she got was Wendy and this inspired Wendy’s Old-Fashioned Hamburgers. These are shocking things that fast food employees won’t share with you..

Chef Boyardee

Chef Boyardee was a real-life man. His name was Ettore Boiardi. The man was an Italian immigrants who had enough money saved to start the restaurant of his own in Cleveland named Il Giardino d’Italia. It was so popular , it was his first attempt to sell his pasta sauce, which was well-known since customers would constantly ask about the dish. The name was changed to Boyardee because it was simpler to pronounce.


Joseph A. Campbell teamed together with Abraham Anderson in 1869 to create an beefsteak tomato canning and preservation company. Campbell bought the entire business of Anderson in 1891, and then worked with a chemist in the creation of one of the best condensed soups. They launched several different varieties of soup, including their popular tomato soup.

Famous Amos

After school, he was a chef. food preparation, Wally Amos worked hard to master the recipe of his grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies. He was employed by an agency that represented talent and would find new clients, like Diana Ross and Simon & Garfunkel by sending them some of his tasty cookies. The year 1975 was the time he started his own bakery, and it became a huge success. Shortly after, the cookies began to be available in the supermarkets, and they continue to be sold in supermarkets today.

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield began a venture in 1977. They had originally planned to start a bagel business but decided to go with an ice cream shop since it was simpler. The first store they opened was within Burlington, Vermont, because it was the only town in college with no ice cream shop. This is the reason why you can’t find ice cream made of grapes.

Marie Callender

Don Callender started a business selling pies that were based on his mom’s recipes. He named the business after her. Marie baked the pies and Don would bring the pies to local restaurants. Marie Callender Pies and other frozen foods are still available in the freezer section of the supermarket.

Orville Redenbacher

You’ve probably heard that the delicious popcorn is named for a famous person since his image is featured on every package however the tale of the way he created this well-known brand of popcorn is fascinating. The first time he grew popping corn was on the farm of his parents when he was just 12. The corn was sold to fund college, where the student learned to create an ‘hybrid’ corn that could make it lighter and more fluffier. He created his own hybrid in 1965, and then sold it to the masses. Then, take a look at these 12 food items that you didn’t know were illegal within the U.S.

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