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What is Google Penguin? How can you use it to boost your conversions?

What is Google Penguin? And how does it affect your business?

On January 10, 2016, Google announced a new update to their search engine algorithm.

This update was called the “Penguin Update” and was designed specifically to crack down on spammy links that can hurt your rankings in search engines.

This blog post will go over what this update entails. Offer some tips on using it to boost conversions for your business.

What is Google Penguin, and how does it work

Google Penguin is a new search algorithm that Google has implemented to crack down on spam websites.

It works by penalizing sites with low-quality content and links. Which have been devaluing over time due to the increase in bad online activity such as duplicate or plagiarized content.

Google Penguin is an updated version of its previous algorithm. ‘Panda,’ where it identifies poor quality websites that may be trying to get traffic from high authority domains through means of backlinks (a link pointing at your website).

Sites found guilty will then give penalties according to how many times they had violated Google’s guidelines for good practice before, making these sites harder findable when searched upon and negatively affecting their rankings.

An overview of the different types of penalties that Google Penguin can impose

What is Google Penguin? How can you use it to boost your conversions?
What is Google Penguin? How can you use it to boost your conversions?

Google Penguin can impose different types of penalties, including temporary and permanent ones.

It also considers the severity level or impact on web pages before judging whether to apply these penalties.

The first type is a manual action which involves updating the algorithm with additional signals like aggressive anchor text linking unnatural schemes.

This penalty will apply if spammy links are pointing towards your website from low-quality websites.

Generally, under-performing sites are not relevant to your business niche area, which you’ve linked out too as well as buying links for high PR (Page Rank) link profiles.

How to recover from a penalty?

A Google Penalty can have a devastating impact on your business. You may lose all of your traffic and potential sales from search engines overnight if not handled correctly in the worst-case scenario.

If this happens to you, there are actions that we need to take before anything else to restore our rankings in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Google is an algorithm-driven platform.

This means it has its own set of rules for giving websites a particular rank or visibility based on their content quality and relevance against specific keywords searched by users within certain regions at any point in time.

Website owners who fail to adhere to these guidelines face the consequences such as a penalty/ban from indexing pages or complete removal from indexed lists, leading them towards website obscurity.

So, here are some steps to take to get out of Google Penalty.

The first step you should take is to know what caused your penalty.

Ensure that you are not being penalized for something under the “manual actions” tab of Google Search Console.

If this was just a glitch in Google’s algorithm and nothing has changed on-site. Then try waiting out the penalty by creating high-quality content or even hiring an SEO company who can bring back organic search traffic with some hard work!

Tips for avoiding a penalty in the first place

Google penalties are not something you want to have on your website.

There’s nothing worse than having an entire page or even the whole site removed from Google.

Due to spammy links, duplicate content issues, keyword stuffing. Other bad SEO practices will get penalized by search engines’ algorithm updates over time.

One way to avoid a penalty is ensuring that there isn’t anything wrong with your link-building efforts in the first place!

Some tips for avoiding these things include using relevant anchor text where appropriate (don’t use exact match anchors).

Making sure all web pages are accessible via indexes like Disallow Indexation By Robots Meta Tags & The NOODP Tag For Open Directory Project Submissions and removing any thin pages that don’t give any value to your website.

 The benefits of having a clean link profile

A clean link profile on your website is a great way to show off what you have worked hard for. Help increase sites’ rankings.

A few benefits include shows that people visit your site.

Having a bad or nonexistent backlink will make it difficult to rank high on Google’s search results page because they want good quality content with websites linking back.

It not only looks appealing but provides value propelling businesses forward at fast speeds.

A clean link profile on one’s website is important due to its potential to increase SEO (search engine optimization).

It helps you rank your website. Provide other beneficial aspects such as appearing presentable/professional rather than an undesirable online presence lacking visitors. Thus making it challenging for them to recognize by Google.

What Are Some Other Types Of Google Penalties You should Be Aware Of? 

There are a few other types of Google penalties that you should be aware of.

First, the Panda Penalty reduces your search rankings if it looks like many pages on your website have thin content. Don’t add much value to users’ lives.

The second type is Penguin Penalty, where duplicate. Similar text web pages get demoted in SERPs (Search engine results page).

Finally, we have manual actions that can include unnatural links pointing at websites such as paid links from link networks to boost ratings artificially; these will result in de-indexing when Google detects.

How Can I Stay Update With Google Algorithm

The Google algorithm is always changing, so it can be difficult to stay up-to-date.

However, there are still ways to freshly update to prevent getting penalties on your website.

On the website side of things. Make sure to check out Search Engine Land periodically for updates about what new changes were made by looking at their “Google Algorithm Cheat Sheet.”

This page has everything from Panda 4.2 down through Hummingbird 1st Edition (and more!).

Make sure any information in these articles reflects how often they change.

Make sure to check whether the article is recent or old, so you are not outdated.

Sometimes, something else might have changed just one week later!

What is the future of the Google algorithm?

Google will continue to make changes for their searches to be as accurate. Relevant enough to provide users with what they are looking for every time.

Although we do not know what these next future updates may look like. How they might affect our everyday use of Google. We should remain optimistic about all these advancements since each pushes us forward towards a better user experience overall!


Google Penguin is one of the most important algorithms used by search engines to rank sites.

It helps identify spammy links and penalize them, which boosts your conversion rates with higher rankings.

If you want a better understanding of how Google penguin works, or if you need help getting rid of any bad links pointing to your site, reach out to Eddies Marketing.

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