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Check Out These Amazing Home Automation Gadgets You Could Order Today

Smart homes are no more just a piece of tech that we get onboard. Today they have evolved as one of the necessities that we mandate for easing our time-restricted lifestyle. Besides, the tech you get on board in home automation Adelaide isn’t just meant for your use. These modern techs can’t fetch all living things around you the best of both worlds. 

Wondering what these techs are? Even though the list isn’t exhaustive, we have pointed out some amazing ones for your perusal. 

Have a look! 

  • An automated pet feeder

Willing to have a pet and taking care of it are two completely different things. At a time when you plan an outing with your family, you have to leave them behind. And when we do so, the first thing that we are concerned about is how are you going to feed them? Of course, if you have a friend willing to take care of them, there is nothing to worry about. But a majority of us don’t have such a privilege. That’s where an automated feeder comes to our rescue. 

These wifi-enable feeders are extremely adaptable. So you can ensure your furry friend doesn’t starve in your absence with a mere phone application. 

  • A smart power strip

Power strips generally contain four outlets and USB ports that function independently, which means you can turn on or off the port you want. This simple gadget can help you automate anything and everything you want. Thus it is a must-buy if you plan home automation Adelaide. 

  • A smart garden for indoor growing

Are you one of those who love greenery? But your busy lifestyle and strict working schedules don’t allow you to proffer time to have your garden to relish. Well, you don’t have to stay deprived anymore. 

Fetching a smart garden can be the key to your locked dream. This indoor garden shares its design with a pod-based coffee maker. Although they come with basil plant pods, you can fetch pods of the plants you like and nurture them with basic supplies to have in your garden. It also makes an amazing gift.

  • An Amazon Echo that duplicates as a clock

Amazon’s most recent Echo Dot is a nifty little savvy speaker cum alarm-clock device. This tiny little bot doesn’t require much space to set up but can offer quite many amazing services. A simple activation using Amazon’s Alexa can help you have all the house control at your fingertips. 

  • A Tile for often misplaced items

A tile is surely a must-have gadget, especially for those who easily misplace things. Tiles are Bluetooth trackers that can be hooked to phones, baggage, pouches, electronics. The higher the version you plan to buy, the better the sound quality, thus easier to listen to the alarm. These Tiles are available in both standard and pro versions. 

Considering the noise factor mentioned earlier, it is recommended to use the standard version to fasten it on your pet’s collar.


These are just a few gadgets that could help you relish and enjoy the automation at your home. However, firms like Smart Automation Design have way more than mere gadgets that would draw you towards the automation world, making your life much easier and efficient. 

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