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Ideal flowers pick for a container garden in the change of season

The season is changing, so should be your flower picks. If you like flowers and plants and like to keep your garden up to date in every season, then you must be well aware that there are separate varieties of flowers for each season. 

We love flowers and that is why we like to beautify our home by planting flowers in our garden. Well, there is not just one way to add flowers to your house. Other than the garden, you can style your place by planting beautiful flowers in containers. Container gardens or flowering pots are a great way to enhance your garden or your outdoor space. They are even easy to take care of and maintain.

One benefit of planting them in a pot is that you can easily move them around to change the look anytime. So, time to order flowers online for your garden as I’m going to share with you some names of the flowering plants that do remarkable well in pots and containers. 

Petunia flowers

This is the season of petunias. Everywhere I look, I see petunias blooming. This flower is the happiest flower because they bloom so well irrespective of the place they are planted in. It does not matter to petunias if they are planted in a garden or in a pot, they will still manage to beautify the place. That is what brings petunias to the top of the list.

Infact, planting them in containers and pots is the best way to showcase their beauty. They bring in pretty colors to your front porch, balcony, or any other place you want to highlight. Growing and taking care of this flower in a container is really easy. They do not require regular attention, huts water when you feel the soil dried out completely. They just love the sun, so place your petunia pots in sunlight where they can receive 6 to 8 hours of sunshine for the best blooming condition. You will love this flower when it will blossom. 

Angelonia flowers

Want to add a pop of purple into your container garden? Then this is the flower you should be looking for. Angelonia is a pretty flower that looks very elegantly delicate. But I should tell you not to get carried away by its daintiness because the flower is very remarkable in tolerating the heat.

The flower grows in a filling manner that will cover up your container in a beautiful bloomy way. Lots of blooms from a single plant can be expected. The flower of the angelonia plant comes in shades of white, pinks, deep, purples, deep blues, mauves, and more for these families. If you want to create an attractive combination, then experts suggest it mix with other training plants. The plant does well in the change of season, you can keep them potted in full sun and watch them bloom. Once they bloom well, you can cut off and send flowers online from this plant to your loved ones. 

Mari gold

Another amazing flowering plant that does remarkably well in pots and containers are the marigolds. Marigold is a commonly found flowering plant in India. The best thing about this flower is that after being available in so many varieties, any type of marigold can be grown into containers and pots. It does not grow very long, so you dont need to worry about that part. The great thing about these pretty little flowers is that they are easy growers, blooms reliably even in the direct sun, scorching heat, and even in the poor soil quality.

This makes them a popular choice amongst the gardeners and people who like flowers at their place. With very few resources, these flowers beautify your home. this flower is colored beautifully in honey yellow, orange, and other rusty colors which are an attraction from a distance. So, plant them into pots and place them on the boundary walls. 

Begonia flowers

Begonias are very beautiful flowering plants that will never let you down because they always make any place look better. First talking about this pretty flower, this is a versatile yet showy flower that is a wonderful pick for your garden. Coming in beautiful light colors ranging from brilliant orange to white, the flower is hardy and you will find a variety of different shapes of leaves in this plant. Besides being an ideal pick for your garden, some of the varieties of begonias also do remarkably well in the containers and flower pots.

For the care, the plant does not require much water, so avoid letting them get wet too much. Let them bloom on their own in little containers that you can place on the walls or window sills. Also, the flower isn’t very crazy about the sun, so it needs partial sunlight. Try the variety of Santa Cruz for the containers.

These are a few flower online picks that will make for a beautiful container garden decor in the changing season.  

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