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Fashion History

5 Vintage Style Youtubers I Like

I could sit and watch videos of people applying vintage make-up or doing their hair using vintage techniques for hours and hours. I find it so relaxing. I also think I like watching them because I am so unable to do it myself, so I watch from afar. I also love learning about vintage style …

Fashion History

Style Icon: Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess Of Devonshire

Georgiana Cavendish is one of my favourite humans that has ever lived. Her life is so tragic yet she was such a well respected and charismatic woman. Born as Georgiana Spencer to John Spencer and Georgiana Poyntz. She was born on 7th June 1757 in Northamptonshire. Georgiana is most likely known as the Duchess of …

Fashion History

What My Ancestors Would’ve Worn: Grace O’Malley

So, I’ve decided to write a series of posts about what I think my ancestors would’ve worn when they were alive. You may know that I’ve spent the past couple of years researching my family history which has resulted in some incredibly interesting finds! I have a lot more interesting people in my family than …