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Elizabeth Báthory

Elizabeth Báthory was a Hungarian noblewoman born in 1560. She came from a pretty powerful family, they controlled Transylvania, and her uncle was the king of Poland. All Elizabeth had known was nobility and power. Her family owned land in Hungry, which has now been separated into three countries: Hungry, Romania, and Slovakia.


Described as the most vicious woman serial killer of all time, that’s been recorded anyway. The tales that surround her are gruesome. Hers is a story of murder, torture, and vampires.

Coming from mobility meant that Elizabeth knew many people, she was admired. Abusing this privilege, Elizabeth held a dark secret. Everyone wants to stay young and beautiful, especially Elizabeth. Her secret is the blood of young girls. Yep, you heard that right!

By using the blood of girls as young as ten, Elizabeth would torture and murder them for their youth. She believed that drinking the blood of these children would prevent her from aging. Sound familiar? Delphine LaLaurie, a New Orleans socialite and serial killer, would use the blood of enslaved people over one-hundred years later, as seen on American Horror Story.


Elizabeth’s obsession with torturing and murdering young women started with servants sent to her by poor families, the daughters of local peasants, under the offer of work for them. Eventually, Elizabeth moved on to higher-class girls that were sent to learn from her. These young women were sent by local gentry families so they could learn correct manners. What was left of the bodies were often hidden in a number of places, the most common were graveyards.

Witnesses have described the horrific ways that Elizabeth would hurt these girls. She was seen beating, stabbing, biting their breasts, cutting them with scissors, burning, and starving them. It is clear that Elizabeth was a complete sadist.

In 1575, Elizabeth Báthory married Count Ferencz Nádasdy. Count Ferencz was a member of another noble Hungarian family. They had four children together. They lived in Castle C̆achtice together.

There had been rumours of Elizabeth’s sadistic ways, but nothing ever came from them. It wasn’t until after the death of her husband in 1604 that things started to rise to the surface. The disappearances of the noble girls were what sparked interest in her. Considering they disappeared in her care.


The King of Hungary, in 1609, ordered an investigation into her, here they discovered her wicked ways. They discovered that Elizabeth, with the help of her servants, had tortured and killed more than six-hundred girls.

On December 30th, 1609, Elizabeth Báthory and her servants were arrested. Three of the servants were executed after a trial in 1611. Elizabeth was not tried, just found guilty. Due to her nobility, she was not executed. Instead, she was confined to her chambers at Castle C̆achtice for the rest of her life. And that she did. Elizabeth died in 1614, at the age of fifty-four.

Some modern historians believe that Elizabeth is actually innocent and that the claims are nothing more than a conspiracy. Some think that because of her nobility, and how wealthy her family was, she was a target. Elizabeth could have been perceived as a threat by other rich and noble families in Hungary, so they decided to create this story to tarnish her reputation. A political set-up, maybe. To accuse a widow of murder, witchcraft, or sexual misconduct was not uncommon, it was done to seize their land.

What do you think? If you want to learn more about Elizabeth then check out this video.


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