My Fashion Influence During The 2010s

Well, here we are! A brand new decade and time to reflect on everything that happened in the 2010s, good and bad. What are we bringing with us into the 2020s and what are we leaving behind? The past decade, to me, has been a rather relaxed one in terms of fashion. It almost seems that the rules of fashion have been thrown out and it’s a free-for-all. We’ve seen the return of some trends from past decades. Make-up has taken a bright and bold turn, with lots of glitter.

In order to talk about the fashion and trends of the 2010s, you have got to mention the monumental influence social media has had. This decade has been like nothing that’s come before. Social media, Instagram specifically, has paved the way for a new wave of fashion. Good and bad. You can’t deny that the second half of the decade has been dominated by the Instagram ‘baddies’, influencers and celebrities posting their ads and free clothing from various brands. One of the top celebrity influencers has got to be Kim Kardashian. With over 154 million followers on Instagram, it’s hard for her to keep anything lowkey. Kims’ fashion sense has grown tremendously over time awarding her a place in the fashion hall of fame. Along with her youngest sister, Kylie Jenner. Both of these women seem to have become the faces of what 2010’s fashion is all about. It’s not only their clothes that have been making waves recently, but the talk of plastic and cosmetic surgery has also increased. Kylie, in particular, has been scrutinised for her choice to have lip fillers, although it’s believed shes had more than that done. I have no issue with plastic surgery at all, people have the right to do whatever they want.

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The make-up of the 2010s has changed throughout the decade. In the early years, make-up was more toned down; natural and neutral shades were most commonly used. But as the decade progressed we started to notice eyeshadow becoming bolder, brighter, and shinier. Cheeks more contoured and shaped, eyebrows fuller, lips bigger. The online ‘beauty community’ has influenced the way we apply make-up. There are more make-up brands than ever, with online influencers starting their own brands. We’ve seen the rise and fall of matte lipstick. I am personally a huge fan of subtle, ‘second skin’ type of make-up. A few years ago would’ve been a different answer, I was all about a big, bold eyeshadow look and contour so sharp it could cut you. But my make-up evolution definitely takes influence from the Georgian era, punk, and grunge. I know, a random mix.

In regards to fashion, we have seen emos, e-boys/girls, scene kids, bo-ho, ‘baddies’,

Nancy Spungen and Sid Vicious

grunge, and many more. The decade has been transformative. Growing up from a teenager to an adult during this time has exposed me to a range of subcultures, some I have even been a part of. I was absolutely a grunge kid. I wore black skinny jeans, flannel shirts, and band-tees exclusively for about five years of my life. It was who I was and how I expressed myself. People I idolised, in a fashion sense, are Courtney Love, Nancy Spungen, and Drew Barrymore. Grunge comes from the 80s grunge scene of America where the influence came from bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. The 90s revival has been big throughout the decade. A lot of 90s grunge fashion was influenced by the punk movement of the 70s, so you could say it’s a 90s and 70s revival. Punk has also been a big influence on me and my fashion choices. I grew up listening to punk music and loving the whole culture so grunge was a brilliant medium for me to follow, I felt comfortable.

What was your style evolution this decade?





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