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Fashion History

What My Ancestors Would’ve Worn: Guy De Rouffignac

We know a reasonable amount about Guy de Rouffignac and his life. We know that he was born in France but came over to England in the late 17th Century with his parents, during the reign of the French King Louis XIV. Guy and his family were Huguenots,  French Protestants. King Louis XIV wanted to …

Fashion History

Style Icon: Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess Of Devonshire

Georgiana Cavendish is one of my favourite humans that has ever lived. Her life is so tragic yet she was such a well respected and charismatic woman. Born as Georgiana Spencer to John Spencer and Georgiana Poyntz. She was born on 7th June 1757 in Northamptonshire. Georgiana is most likely known as the Duchess of …