Tracing My Family Tree Part 2

I’m not sure if anyone is interested, but I’m back with part 2 of tracing my family tree. This is something I’ve been passionate about for the past couple of years. This past year has been mainly focused on my Dad’s side of the family. For a long time, I really struggled to find out any information about my paternal grandparent’s side, but for some reason, I suddenly found out so much. I come from a huge Irish family, therefore, I could never write about every single person, but I found out some really awesome stuff in regards to my ancestors, stuff I want to shout from the rooftops.

I found out that my 12x Great Grandmother is the fearless Pirate Queen of Connaught, Grainne_Mhaol_Ni_Mhaille_StatueGrace O’Malley. In my series ‘what my ancestors would’ve worn’, I wrote about Grace. She was pretty cool. Even though she had brothers when her Dad died she became a Clan leader. She and her followers would tax fishermen off the coast of West Ireland. Grace was not someone to mess with because she would come back at you with ten times the force. She killed a whole fleet because her lover was murdered by one of them… Badass.

Above Grace comes some other pretty cool women. The next interesting person in my lineage is King Edward I of England. I know right?! A whole King. Not only one King, but all of Edwards ancestors up to William the Conqueror. After William, I have the Viking leader, Rollo. Not only the Kings but their cool wives are my ancestors. Eleanor of Castile is my 23x Great Grandmother, Eleanor of Aquitaine is my 26x Great Grandmother, and Empress Matilda is my 27x Great Grandmother. They’re likely to be a part of my ‘what my ancestors would’ve worn’ series, too.

668,Anne Boleyn,by Unknown artistUnknown artist
Anne Boleyn

I have always been fascinated by the Tudors. The fashion, politics, and the monarchy. So to find out I’m related to one of my favourite humans was pretty cool. Queen Anne Boleyn… What?! An icon. She is my 4th cousin 16x removed. I know, I know. We may as well not be related, but I love her so I’ll continue to talk about this. As I’m related to Anne, that means I’m related to one of the best monarchs, Queen Elizabeth I. Fashion icon. I’ll have a whole post of Elizabeth’s fashion.

Tracing your family is something I find really important. It helps us understand who and where we come from. It almost grounds you. I’ve learned a lot of information about family members I don’t know, but now I feel like I do. I know where I come from and in a sense who I am. I highly recommend tracing your own family tree, I’m certain that you’ll find things that surprise you.



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